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About The Product

The difference between Aerating and Volatilizing: By now, everyone is aware of the virtues of aerating wine for the purpose of allowing the wine to "breathe". The wine opens up, becomes softer and makes drinking the wine a more enjoyable experience.

Volatilizing wine is what people do when they are tasting wine or evaluating a wine’s characteristics. Swirling wine in a glass “volatilizes the esters” and allows you to smell the components of the wine more readily. Sipping wine and then sucking in air over the wine in your mouth is a way, albeit embarrassing if you get wine in your air passage, to volatilize the wine for tasting. The flavors of the wine become amplified and subtle differences can be detected.

Volatilizing lasts only a few seconds while the wine is being actively mixed with air. Soon after, the wine returns to its prior state revealing less of its qualities and nuances.

There are numerous devices such as decanters and funnels that are effective aerators of wine, promoting the breathing process, but none that can deliver newly volatilized wine to your palate for an unencumbered taste of the wine. The Wine Prism then, is a volatilizer of wine, which actively energizes wine at the moment of tasting and as such is the only tool that does so.

Through a small hole, air and wine are combined in the glass stem allowing the connoisseur to evaluate wine more precisely and consistently than by the common method of drawing in air by the "reverse whistle" techinque.

By hyper-volatilizing the wine before it is altered by the pH in the mouth, the Wine Prism gives you a much more detailed examination of the various components of the wine: fruit, tannins, acidity, fermentation and barrel influence.

Not intended to replace casual wine drinking, the Wine Prism is made for critical evaluation of a wine's positive characteristics as well as its flaws that may shorten a wine's ageability and enjoyment.

Instructions for use: Place the Wine Prism into a glass of wine completely submerging the wine inlet port at the bottom of the glass stem. Then, draw wine up the Wine Prism by sucking with sufficient force so that a solid stream of wine is pulled up to the volatilizing hole. Make sure hole is not covered by fingers.

Cleaning: The Wine Prism can be whisked clean between wines by drawing in air with a quick burst. Rinse with water after use.

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