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Product Conception

Based on the Venturi Flow System of aerating wine during fermentation, the Wine Prism was actually conceived of by a 4-year-old boy. One evening while his parents were enjoying a glass of wine, a young Dominic questioned his father about drinking his wine with a straw as he was doing with his milk. After being told that you want to mix a little bit of air with the wine to better taste and evaluate the wine, Dominic returned from the kitchen with a skewer and announced, “Dad, all you need to do is poke a hole in the straw to let in some air!”

Patent law requires that all contributors to an invention must be listed on the patent application, which is what you see below, Dominic's signature as it appeared on the original application. And yes, with the sale of every Wine Prism, Dominic's college fund piggy bank receives a donation.

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Wine Prism - US Patent #6702193

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